About us

We're on a mission to make travelling more fun & spontaneous.

Who Are We?

At Web Booking Hotel, we want to help you rediscover the joy of traveling by bringing the best tours, activities and attractions in your destination right to your mobile device. So ditch the tour guide and the lousy brochure and Headout. We give you the freedom to be spontaneous, because the best holiday memories always are!

Our mission

We focus on you, the customer, and how we can best serve you. Webbookinghotel.com's sophisticated system of filtering results provides a comprehensive range of accommodation types carefully selected to match the exact search criteria entered by the customer.​

Our unique technology gives us access to rates and availability held by hundreds of our partners. We use smart algorithms based on the search requirements of each individual visitor to return personalized results based on the very best prices offered by our partners.​

WebBookingHotel.com is a premier hotel booking platform and was designed specifically with the unmanaged business traveler in mind. WebBookingHotel.com not only offers its customers some of the most compatible hotel rates, but also a smart, transparent and personal booking experience. Our website currently features over 72  properties covering over 100 destinations in 40 countries and territories, with prices up to 50% cheaper than major travel booking platforms. 

Preferred (Member-Only Rates) – Save up to 50%
Preferred hotel rates are available to WebBookingHotel.com members who can unlock them through registration. Preferred rates will be displayed wherever the “Preferred” banner is displayed in hotel search results. Customers can also log in with Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts and access exclusive member deals without the need for a paid subscription.

Security & Privacy
WebBookingHotel.com is a secure online accommodation reservation platform, and we are committed to data security and privacy. The WebBookingHotel.com website is encrypted on those pages where we collect private information in line with our security policy.

24/7 Customer Support
We have you covered! You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by Email at [email protected] inworldwide through our customer service centers.